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Tools: Python, Ionic, PHP, JSON

[Work in Progress] Short Summary: Creating a mobile application that allows users to combine the semantics and style of two pictures using Computer Vision. The project uses Tensorow and Google Cloud to run the training algorithm.

SensAI Chatbot

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Tools: Node.js, Python, CSV, Wit.AI, Messenger Facebook Developer Tools, Webhook, ngrok

Short Summary: This is the code for a Facebook messenger bot that allows the user to find the URL to an ASL video representation based on an input word. The messenger bot uses Wit.AI and NLP to guess with confidence % what the word in a user question is and finds the word's link in the database.

Currency World Map

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Tools: D3, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, TopoJSON, EXCEL

Short Summary: This D3 based project takes the OECD Exchange Rates dataset to calculate the annual currency exchange rate of 51 countries from 1960 to 2016. After cleaning and calculating the annual change values, the data is then mapped on a TopoJSON world map. We are working with an incomplete dataset; the regions colored in grey.

Montreal STM Force Layout

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Tools: D3, JavaScript, HTML/CSS

Short Summary:  The "Société de transport de Montréal" aka STM has 68 metro stations, divided on 4 lines:orange, blue, green and yellow. Each transit line has a unique set of stations that forms it. Using the D3 Force Layout library, this project gives a different interpretation of the complex metro network in Montreal (Canada).

Computer Graphics using VRML

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Tools: VRML

Short Summary: Virtual Reality Modeling Language is a standard file format for representing 3-dimensional (3D) interactive vector graphics, designed particularly with the World Wide Web in mind. In my Github Repository, you will find 2 different VRML 3D modeling projects: 1) Minnie Mouse and 2) Merging of Geometric Forms.